Thinking of subdividing your property?

Could you capitalise on the land you already own?

With the land shortage in Auckland, subdividing your home makes for an increasingly popular
and cost effective way to unlock the equity in your property.

When you choose a home building company you will want one that builds a subdivision
that really works for you and your family.

Auckland Building Specialists have been subdividing homes across Auckland for decades.
What’s more is they build houses on time and on budget.

See our 10 Star Guarantee.

Committed from the start, with you to the end

Concept to Completion

We’ll work with you to determine the best building area for each subdivision. Then together we’ll design and build your new house that will suit your lifestyle, goals and will last the test of time. And we take care of everything in between.

On-time, On-budget

You receive detailed pricing so there are no hidden costs. Our systemised processes keep track of project performance and deadlines so you can plan with confidence.


You can be sure that we will stay in touch with you throughout your renovation. You will receive regular updates so that you’re always informed.

Our Promise

Be assured of excellence and perfection.
Our seamless process and exceptional
service ensures you will get the Sub Division
build you dream of.


Download our Free Guide now to make sure you get it right.

Auckland Building Specialists

See what others are saying

What's the buzz about the place

Tekake William • 25th August

"I found working with AKBSL 1000x better than working with the building firm my insurance company made me use when our roof leaked the first time back in April 2018. All the staff and contractors responded to phones calls and emails in a timely and friendly manner and the work was done well above my expectations."

Hans • 9th August

"We have used Auckland Building Specialists for 3 projects on our home. They are superb tradesmen's with excellent courtesy and project management."

Maryann • 15th July

"We work with Clive and Auckland Building Specialists a lot with a different variety of projects from small to large renos and all their jobs are always managed well and to a high standard with excellent communication from Clive, Sarah and Emma. It makes my job easier knowing I have a good project manager in charge. Definitely recommend these guys!"

Ian Printy • 15th July

"We were wanting to update our home with an new extension and layout. In the end we used Auckland Building Specialists to do the work. The plans had already been drawn up and approved so they were able to provide a quote (within reason). We agreed on a contract, timescale and a start date. We were informed all through this process and on the start d"

Ready to turn your backyard into an investment?

A Sub-Division is a multifunctional space. You cook, eat, read, entertain or try out new recipes. So it’s no wonder you want a Sub-Divisions that will work for you.

  1. Subdivisions capitalize on the land you already own.
  2. An increasingly popular and cost effective way to unlock the equity in your property.

When you’re ready, fill out this form and we’ll get in touch to talk about your dream home.


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